Sunday, January 30, 2011

birthday brownies

This post is coming to ya a bit late, but, it was a special time and deserves a shout out! Last weekend, we got together with my side of the family and celebrated Jess's birthday. The celebration its self was late. We've had a hard time getting all of us together, even though we live in the same town. So last weekend, when we were all free, we decided to get together for a birthday bash.

Jess loves Ghirardelli brownies, so we decided to have those instead of cake. We are always trying to be creative with birthday desserts. When your family celebrates a birthday almost every single month out of the year, birthday cake gets a little old. 

We didn't think too far ahead and didn't realize our tall candles would lean every which a way!

But, that was okay, we still sang and jess was still able to blow her birthday candles out.

Happy birthday Jess! Your brownie birthday bash was a blast! Can't wait till you are officially a part of the family, even though we already consider you a part. :)


  1. Great party and lovely birthday girl.

  2. Thanks Nat! :) I love the pics! And it was such a fun night!! I'm glad we were able to do it!! :) I just wish we were able to all get together more often!! Love you future sister!! :)


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