Monday, September 26, 2011


Gracie Joy Stephens
September 18, 2011 at 2:58pm
7 pounds 12 ounces
21.5 inches

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

EC's 1st haircut

Hi, y'all! I finally made it back, and I'm still pregnant....38 weeks tomorrow. I have a doctors appointment this afternoon and I'm hoping to get some good news. My doctor will be out of town all next week, so I was really hoping Gracie would follow in her big sisters steps and come a little early. Early as in this week, but not the next! :) It's hard for me to think about anyone but Dr. Max delivering my baby, but I'm leaving it all up to the Lord. He knows exactly what will happen and who will deliver her. I'm just going to have to trust that He knows best, and I know that He does!!!
(sorry for this grainy picture, it was getting dark outside)

In other news, I finally gave in and made an appointment for Ella Claire to have her first haircut. I'm not sure why that was so hard?!!??! Her hair was growing much faster in the back and her sweet Aunt "Steppi" had nicknamed her mullet. :/  I knew I had to do something about that, but she had a few little curls in the back and everyone has told me, once you cut them they are gone forever! Anyway, I made an appointment and off we went to get rid of the "mullet"! 

It always takes Ella Claire a while to warm up to people, so the entire week of her haircut, I kept reminding her of what we were going to do on Saturday. I told her Gus and daddy were also getting their haircut that week and mommy was getting her haircut the next week. It's something we all do. So, when we arrived she seemed ready to go. She got to sit in a yellow car in front of a huge mirror and tv. It was a little challenging to get her to stay in the car at first, but the sweet lady cutting her hair had lots of tricks up her, games, and candy! 

Most of you that know me well, know that candy is a special treat around here. I save sweets for emergency trips, first haircuts, etc... She thought she was something else with that sucker and all of a sudden, she was completely fine with anyone cutting her hair.

All finished!! We love it!!

Daddy got a sucker too.

Friday, September 2, 2011

wedding showers and baby preparation

So sorry for my lack of blogging lately! I seem to be apologizing for my absence every time I get on here. Life is so busy, but so fun right now. Besides the anticipation of our baby girl, I will be getting a new sister in about 5 weeks! My brother Brian, is marrying his best friend, Jessica on October 8th and we are busy, busy with wedding preparation. We have so many exciting things going on! Besides hosting a lingerie shower next weekend, I am helping my mom, along with my 2 sisters, with the rehearsal dinner, attempting to build a new office at work, and celebrating Brian's birthday, Jeremy's birthday, my dad's 60th birthday and Ella Claire's 2nd birthday, all before the wedding, and all while hoping I go into labor at any time! :)

I'm 36 weeks and I feel and apparently look (thanks to so many kind comments, mostly from strangers), like I am about to pop! :) According to my ultrasound yesterday, Gracie is weighing in at a whopping 6lbs 12oz, and that could be off by 1/2 a pound either way. Ella Claire weighed 6lbs 6oz at 36 weeks and weighed 7lbs 10oz at birth at 38 weeks and 1 day. I'm getting a little nervous that I might have a large baby if she doesn't come early! Here is a picture at week 36.

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned moving Ella Claire into her big girl room. She is officially moved in and she loves it! I am so thankful that she adjusts so well to change! She loves her new bed and is sleeping so much better than she did on her crib mattress. She does wake up occasionally during the night, but I just go in her room and tell her it's still dark outside and when the sun shines through her window she can come get into mommy and daddy's bed...AND IT WORKS! She goes back to sleep no problem! As soon as I am officially finished with her room, I plan on posting pictures. It's not quite ready yet.

Last weekend, Jess had a wonderful shower hosted by my aunts and cousins. They always go above and beyond, and this one was no exception!! It was such a nice shower and Jess looked absolutely beautiful! She got some really great gifts too!!

Ella Claire was being a silly goose with her cousin Caylee.

Yes, I got two of the mini quiche', they were that good!! And those spreads at the bottom of my plate, those were different flavored homemade butters. I could have literally eaten them with a spoon!

Jess was so sweet to ask the little girls to come help her open presents!

I didn't get any pics of Anna Lauren and Ella Claire at the shower, but I got these later that night at my grandmas house. Anna Lauren fed Ella Claire some yogurt; she was Ella Claire's bff after that! :) My girl loves yogurt!

In preparation for baby sister, I have finally pulled out my embroidery machine that Jeremy bought me early this spring after we found out baby #2 was going to be a girl.

I have monogrammed some things for Gracie...

And, I couldn't leave out Ella Claire. She was in desperate need of bigger panty covers. Hers now look huge next to the newborn ones for Gracie!

I have washed and folded all of our baby girl blankets.

The bedding for the cradle should be finished this week. I am so excited to see it!!

Ella Claire has been helping get ready for baby sister too. Keeping her car seat warm. :)

I found her baby in the bouncy seat the other night. :)

Our favorite book these days is "sister book", as Ella Claire likes to call it.

I promise she does have clothes!

Just a few sweet pictures of Ella Claire sleeping before I go.

I'm planning to be back soon to share some pictures of someones first haircut! Hope your weekend is just swell!!

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