Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gracie month to month: month 6

Happy half birthday, Gracie Joy!

Gracie is learning and changing so quickly these days. She can now roll her way around a room. I'll put her down on her blanket and before I know it, she's under a chair. 

She can also sit up all by herself these days. She hasn't quite mastered gracefully, lying down from sitting, but she's almost there!

Sometimes Gracie looks like me and sometimes she looks like her daddy. But, in the picture above she looks just like her aunt Stephy when she was a baby and something about the picture below reminds me of her Aunt Kim. It's funny how she can look like so many of us.

At six months, Gracie, I sure thought you'd be sleeping through the night, but you don't! You're not even close to it! That's okay though, you'll only be little once. Even though you are a major mamma's girl and pretty much want me every second of the day and night, you are learning to be a little more independent during the day. We are having so much fun watching you grow and discover new things! We love you very much sweet girl!

Gracie at 5 months
Gracie at 4 months
Gracie at 3 months
Gracie at 2 months
Gracie at 1 month

Monday, April 16, 2012

spring time...make ya wanna sing time!

Anyone know where my post title came from??

Wow, I've been gone a long time! This has been an insane month. Steph and Andrew's beautiful wedding was this past weekend. It came and went so quickly! I've got lots to share about it and the events surrounding, but it might take a few posts and a little bit of time to put it all together. It's coming though!

I never thought I would buy those plastic things you stick in your window. But, I've realized real quick, that as a mom, you do a lot of things you said you never would. :)

Ella Claire picked these out at walmart a few weeks before Easter and I couldn't say no. She had a fun time peeling them off and sticking them to the windows.

Gracie is officially in the avocado club and she couldn't be happier. I skipped the rice cereal altogether this time (besides the time I gave it to her and thought she was having a reaction), and went straight for the good stuff.  I am slowly trying to cut out as much processed foods as possible and avocado is a perfectly fine and healthy first food! 

Big sister still loves her avocado too! She eats it mashed or sliced and actually requests it all the time. 

I'd say she LOVES it!

We're trying to take family photos on Sundays again, since we're wearing our Sunday best and all! This particular sunday morning we were running behind and Gracie was already in her seat by the time I grabbed my camera. You can't even tell she is wearing one of my favorite outfits, but you can still see that sweet little face! This would also be the Sunday after Steph's lingerie shower, were I practically packed up my house, my sister in law's house and my parents house to use for the shower. We were  late unpacking everything the night before and EC's shoes got misplaced in the process, so she went to church barefooted! We do go to church in Semmes. ;)

One of my friends from church delivered her baby just a few weeks ago. Her husband is in the military and currently deployed, so I got the honor of watching her older son Alex the night she delivered. Her husband was actually in transit coming home for RNR and made it about 15 hours after the birth.

All EC ever wants to do is jump on her trampoline. We've been taking full advantage of the beautiful spring weather!

more sunday pictures...

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