Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gracie month to month: month 3

This months picture is being posted a bit late. What's new, right? :) That's okay, we've been busy, especially Gracie, she's learned so many new things! This month, she started laughing out loud and it feels my heart with complete joy! She also started rubbing her eyes when she is sleepy, and really recognizing familiar faces, especially mommy, daddy and Ella Claire. She gives big sister huge smiles! She should know her very well; she kisses on Gracie all day long!

Even though she can't quite roll over yet, Gracie can push herself using her feet. During Christmas, she pushed herself off of her play mat right under the Christmas tree! This month she's also outgrown the cradle, which I have to admit, makes me a bit sad, okay a lot sad! About the same time she outgrew the cradle, she started enjoying her time in the excersaucer. I can't believe it's time for that already! We are also doing a lot better with tummy time. She can hold her head up high and enjoy looking at her toys for longer times periods now. You've done a lot of new things this month, little sister!

big sister is always close by...

drooling like crazy this month!!

You noticed your sign!

Gracie at 1 month
Gracie at 2 months

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