Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas catch up

Well, since it's the end of January and I haven't really talked about our Christmas, how about some pictures to catch you up.

Christmas Eve lunch and Jeremy's parents house.

Christmas Eve dinner at my parents.

We had communion before opening presents.

Cookies for Santa. Literally 5 minutes before Ella Claire went to bed, she threw up all over her Christmas pajamas. She had been twirling and twirling and twirling. All we can think of is she twirled too much and made herself sick. She likes to spin and twirl so much that she can't stand up straight. She won't stop until we have absolutely have had enough and tell her she has to stop. So, anyway, her Christmas pj's were being washed by the time we put out cookies for Santa.

Santa enjoyed his cookies this year!!

Christmas morning.

Just incase you were wondering, Ella Claire let me borrow one of her dress up necklaces. ;)

I think that's it for December! On to 2012!

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