Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gracie month to month: month 4

4 months? whoa! big girl!

Lots of new things happening this month! Gracie has officially moved to her room and is sleeping in her crib. Well, most of the night. She starts off there anyway. :) Sleep is not her favorite thing to do these days. I was getting literally NO sleep with her in our room so we thought maybe a nice firm mattress with lots of wiggle room would help. It has some. Hopefully soon she will be in a routine and we can all get some sleep around here!

She has rolled over from back to tummy a few times this month. EC thinks it is her job to help little sister with this. I have to keep my eyes on those two!

Gracie has really started noticing her own voice. She squeals then realizes she is making those noises and does it again and again. It's funny to hear.

She also found her feet this month. Not only did she find them, but they found there way into her mouth!

Besides not liking to stay asleep, Gracie can be hard to get to sleep. Especially if she is really tired. Aunt Stephi and Papa are pro's at getting her to sleep. I joke with them and tell them I need them to come to my house, oh, say every night around 8pm! :)

Your big sister loves you, Gracie Joy! If I tell her some exciting news, like someone is coming over to visit for example, she runs straight to you and shares the exciting news with you. I pray you girls become best friends.

She does sometimes try to steal your paci if she can't find hers. But, you're so sweet and usually don't mind. I'm sure y'all will be sharing a lot over the years!

Gracie at 1 month
Gracie at 2 months
Gracie at 3 months

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