Thursday, January 13, 2011

frigid temps in the deep south....and everywhere else in the US

I think it's safe to assume that everyone is aware of the freezing cold weather we have all been experiencing this week. Oh my has it been chilly!! Unfortunately the deep southern parts of Alabama did not receive and snow; just ice cold temperatures.  Since we are all freezing I thought I would share a picture or 2  or 3 of my little warm ray of sunshine on a cloudy cold day. These were all taken one day this week, bright and early before heading out the door. Yes, Ella Claire is still in her PJ's...we were on our way to Nonnie and Papa's house!

See those beautiful teefers, we have worked really hard on them! It has taken 15 months to get those 6 (almost. the top two on the sides are mostly in, enough to count anyway.) beautiful pearly whites in!

.....and guess what else friends.....

....these lovely things arrived yesterday! I am so excited to finally have them. I just need to pass them out to my mom, sisters and future sis!

Did you notice my new blog header? What do you think? I am playing around with a few ideas, so you might notice a few changes around here. Pardon our progress! :) Okay, well I'm off to start my day. Speaking of pearly whites, I am having mine cleaned this morning. So, off to the dentist I go. I can hardly wait!


  1. I love the new header! I noticed it right off the bat! The new font is super cute. And of course all of EC's pics are cute!

  2. I really like the header. Will you do tutorial! So cute! I especially like the cute font!

  3. Thank you!!! :) Kara, I will definitely do a tutorial. You wont believe how easy it is!

  4. Omigoodness! I don't know which header I like better?! I loves the last one but I love this one too!! I've loved all of them!! Haha! And also...can I just point out how much EC has grown! Looking at her in the header pic to the far left of her standing - she is already so much taller!! I can't believe that!! Well I'm very excited about taking care of that sweet girl tomorrow in nursery!! And btw...I've set my blog to private now! :( I've decided that for now I just want it to be sort of a journaling experience for me I guess! And maybe in the future I'll re-open it to the public haha! :) Not to mention I just don't have as much time as I'd like to have to work on it! :( Anyway, see you in the morning!


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