Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

It's super late (for me anyway) as I start this post, and I have so many pictures to share! How many times do I start a post with, "It's late"?? Seems like always! I guess night time is the easiest time for me to spend a few moments in front of the computer with out little miss wanting my attention! :)

We had a fabulous Easter! The Easter bunny came to our house and misjudged the size of Ella Claire's Easter basket. It seemed to overflow a little. That might be a perk of being an only child...only a few more months left of that!

Most of the contents of her basket were for our beach trip coming up in June.

We had a wonderful service at church and of course took family pictures afterwards. This was attempt #1 at our house. But, the sun was blinding for some sensitive eyes. :)

So, we moved into the shade...

...but still blinding!!! So, we decided to wait until we got to my parents.

Much better!!!

Our little buddy, Ashton and his mommy came over to eat lunch with us. Please remember them in your prayers. You might remember me watching Ashton last November, and then again in December. His mommy, Lynn is battling bladder cancer. She has been receiving chemo all year and we are praying for a miracle.

Ashton and Ella Claire looked so sweet in their white.

Ella Claire was not in the mood for she ever?? and absolutely would not look at the camera to get a picture of her and her daddy. Even so, I think I caught some sweet moments of the two of them. He LOVES this little girl!!!

You can see she wasn't thrilled to take a picture with me either! :)

Ohhh, but I did get a kiss!!

Nonnie and Papa handed out a few Easter baskets.

Then, we headed outside to hunt Easter eggs. Ella Claire's first Easter egg hunt!

Serious egg hunter.

I think we have a passy on the ground!

The egg hunters had just a few spectators....

And in the end, we had three little winners!!!

Today was lots of fun, and as always, so sobering as I thought about the details of the cross and the resurrection. We are truly blessed!

Okay, it's just a little after midnight now as I am finishing up, and I am praying Ella Claire sleeps all night. With the activities of the day, she missed her nap and went to bed an hour and a half early at 6:30.  I guess on holidays, that sort of thing happens. This probably means I will be getting an early wake up call! See you soon, friends! Happy Easter!


  1. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. love the one of her kissing you! these are great, Natalie!

  3. I love Ella Claire's beautiful dress and you and jeremy both look great!!!! Looks like a beautiful day y'all had..

  4. Thank you so much Odie and Nicole! I hope you both had a wonderful Easter!

  5. Thanks Courtney! It was a beautiful day! :)


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