Friday, April 8, 2011

it's been awhile....

Warning! This post is extremely too long and wordy and I apologize in advance if it is boring. I felt like I had a lot to say to catch up over the last couple of months. Feel free to skip the words and scroll through to the pictures! :)

Well hello, long lost blog friends!!! Bet you were wondering if I was ever coming back! There were days when I wondered that myself! I am oh, so happy to say, that I am feeling much better and like a normal pregnant lady should. I am still dealing with a little nausea here and there and normal pregnancy aches and pains, but NOTHING compared to what it was.  I am praying this pregnancy is similar to Ella Claire's and the rest will be easy breezy for me.  Any second time momma's out there laughing at the naivety of that comment? If so, please don't burst my bubble! :)

It feels like I should have a long laundry list of things to bring you up to date on, but the truth is, not much has been happening around our casa over the last 2 months. Let's just say it has been a very looooong and tiring time for all three (I could say 4, but I think baby #2 is probably just happy as can be and oblivious to what we have been dealing with the last 2 1/2 months) of us in this house. All I can really say about it, is that I honestly felt like I had the flu day in and day out for 2 1/2 straight months, with no relief whatsoever, even in the middle of the night. No fun, no fun at all! I am so thankful for Jeremy and his patience and servants attitude. He has literally kept our house running. He has worked his normal full time job and immediately took on the roles of "mommy" and "wife" when he walked in the door each evening. He even got up and took care of me every time I was sick in the middle of the night. He never complained, not one time! But, he has said many times this week, that he is glad I am better. :) I am too, Jeremy; I am too!!!

Ella Claire has kept us busy and poor thing, the last few months were rough for her too. She knew that our schedule had changed and things were different. She got cabin fever very quickly and learned to climb everything including the walls out of her crib! Honestly, she might as well have been climbing the walls. A few days, I would muster up the energy and load EC and myself into the car (in our pj's) and drive to my parents house, just 5 minutes away, to lay on the sofa so my mom could help watch Ella Claire and also give EC a change of scenery.  When we got to their house, she would literally run around like she had been set free. As sick as I was, even I got a little kick out of it.

For some reason, Ella Claire recently went through a stage where she hated sleep. All kinds, night time sleep and nap time sleep. PERFECT TIMING ELLA CLAIRE!! To make a long story short, she attempted to climb out of her crib one day, so Jeremy and I temporarily set up her pack n play until we could figure out a permanent solution. Thank goodness, after about a week or two, she started loving sleep again and we felt like it was safe to put her back in her crib. I still carry the video monitor around with me while she is sleeping and watch her every move, but for some reason, and thank goodness, she is back to her old, wonderful sleeping habits. In the mean time, I am in the beginning stages of planning her big girl room. ;)

Since, I have been feeling better and the weather has been so nice, Jeremy and I have tried to start walking again in the evenings. Our neighborhood is in the process of adding a second phase and the new streets have just been paved. It's the perfect place to give Ella Claire a chance to get out of her stroller and run around without worrying about cars.  Tonight, as we were walking the new section, she kept pointing up and saying "moon". Jeremy and I both left our phones at home, so Jeremy ran home and got the camera for us to take a few pictures of her and remember the moment.

Fly me to the moon....

Taking time out for a snack!

Okay, that's all I've got for now. My eyes are getting heavy and I have a warm, cozy bed calling my name! Goodnight and have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Yay! I'm sooooo glad you're back! :) As much as I see you I still enjoy reading your blog and seeing that little girl! :) And I am soooo glad you've been feeling better!! Post again soon! :) -Aunt Jess aka: "da"

  2. YAy...been waiting=) so glad to hear you are feeling better!


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