Thursday, May 12, 2011

a special birthday girl!

Guess who turned one last week?!? This cutie patootie!!

   Madelaine Joy Myers!!! 

She had such a fabulous birthday party too! Sometime last fall, my sister decided she wanted to have the theme "April showers bring May flowers" for M's party since she is a May baby. Our cousin Allison, knowing how busy my sister is (she's a full time teacher and youth pastor's wife), offered to plan the entire thing! What an act of kindness!! Allison has a degree in design from The University of Texas and can decorate anything...including a first birthday party! You can read more about her and her decorating on her blog here. Not only is Allison a great decorator, but she owns and operates an RV business, is remodeling her home in downtown Houston and is expecting her first little bambino in December! So, she's a busy girl too!

Okay, so back to the party! It was so much fun and so special for our Madelaine! 

A yummy salad bar

cake table..I LOVED these vintage umbrellas with the crystal rain drops!

Birthday cake and cupcakes

table center pieces

The kiddie table...

Zinnias to plant as a party favor.

M's cool birthday hat!

What a beautiful birthday girl!

With her proud mommy and daddy!

 Happy Birthday Madelaine Joy, you are truly a JOY!!!

Since the beginning of the year, when Ella Claire started talking well enough to understand what she was saying, she has been sending video messages to all of our family that can receive video text messages. We of course had to make one for her little cousin! I thought you might want to see too. So here is Ella Claire sending a birthday shout out to "Mannin"!

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  1. There should be some kind of amazing award for creating that party. It was the best I have ever seen and she sure is a cutie pie.


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