Friday, June 24, 2011

beach vacay part 2

I mentioned in my last post that not everyone was able to stay the entire week at the beach. Unfortunately, Jeremy was one of them. Because he wasn't there the entire time and Ella Claire is a lot to keep up with in a non baby proof house, especially while I'm pregnant, I decided not to stay the entire time either. We did spend most of the week there and missed J terribly, but we had a blast with my aunts, uncles and cousins.

Because Ella Claire hated the sand, we spent most of our time at the pool. Ella Claire loved every second of it and when we weren't in the pool, she would stand at the back door of the house and say "pool" over and over. I should have taken a picture of that because I spent most of the time we were inside watching her like a hawk, making sure she wasn't trying to escape.

Anna Lauren and Clark making silly faces.

We had lots of cousin time! Anna Lauren was the only girl cousin until Ella Claire came along. By the end of the week, she was going topless after hanging with the boys all week. ;) The boys rubbed off on Ella Claire she is trying to put on a pair of boy undies! 

She actually has been putting clothes on and taking them off since we got home. Jeremy and I have even had to stop her from taking her diaper off! I hope this stage doesn't last too long!

The moon was so bright all week.

We also enjoyed some beautiful sunsets.

Looks like Ella Claire is still in a daze from her nap in this one. Madelaine is her usual happy self!

How perfect is this table for snack time by the pool!

And Ella Claire just couldn't resist drinking from Madelaine's sippy, even though she had the same drink in hers. :) Doesn't Madelaine look so sweet just waiting for Ella Claire to finish and pass it back?

We're all back home and back to reality now. We're kickin' it into high gear to get everything accomplished on our to do list before Gracie arrives. I feel like I'm getting things done in slow motion and I don't anticipate I'll get any faster as I get bigger. ;) See ya soon, and hopefully with news of more progress on EC's big girl room. Happy weekend!

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