Thursday, October 27, 2011

terrific two's!

Oh my! Are we having fun these days! Two year olds are very picky people. Good thing they are just so irresistibly cute!

Sometimes, even the simplest things turn out to be not so simple. Such as smiling for a family photo.

After we successfully made it to church with 2 tots in tow, Jeremy and I, well, really just me, wanted a picture to document the special day. It took just a few tries. :)

It also takes a steady photographer to get a good picture. ;)

Sitting still and smiling for 30 seconds for a picture is just too hard for a two year old.

And she's done!

Finally, after we bribed her with (gasp) CHOCOLATE! We got a nice, pretty family picture.

They also like to do silly things, such as wear sunglasses in the car, when it's dark outside.

And they can create a great big mess when mommy is changing baby sisters diaper!

Sometimes they like to climb in mommy and daddy's bed in the middle of the night. And then wiggle themselves completely sideways...

This picture was taken at 2am. :)

But a big smile like this makes it all worth it!


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