Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

My insane hand washing from the week before last was not in vain...all of us stayed pink eye free! Thank goodness! I made up for staying at home everyday too; last week, I believe we ran errands every singe day. I wore the girls and myself out. :)

We are definitely in full Christmas mode around here. But before it's completely too late, I want to share a few pictures from our Thanksgiving. The week was consumed with lots of cooking and baking. I spent the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at my grandmothers house learning how to make her cornbread dressing. It's the best ever and I meticulously jotted down notes as we cooked.

We started our festivities at Jeremy's grandmothers house. Jon Jon took the girls outside and they picked satsumas and had a great time on the swing.

EC ate her weight in satsumas from Nan's tree.

Nan got to love on Gracie while the big girls played outside. We celebrated Nan's 85th birthday the weekend of Thanksgiving!

Later that night we went to my parents house for another huge meal. I made homemade yeast rolls and added each one with a surprise. :) The day before Thanksgiving I asked everyone in our family to name a few things they were thankful for. I typed them all up, cut them out and placed one in each roll. As each roll was eaten we shared what was on the paper. I got the recipe and the idea from here.

The only picture I have of the finished product is this one below. You can see the rolls, rolled like crescent rolls in the top left. I didn't do a good job taking pictures that night. After all that baking and eating, I was beat!

I also made this homemade toffee. It was so easy! Hopefully I can get it together and share that recipe soon.

Moms yummy sweet potato soufflé.

Ready to pray and eat!

It was a wonderful day, spent with family. Doesn't get any better than that!

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