Sunday, July 11, 2010

summer 2010 favorites

Since summer is flying by and we are busy enjoying these long days, I thought I would do a post on a few of our favorite summer things! It seems we are always so busy, I wish we could just slow down. I don't think things will get any slower, but we can still enjoy and appreciate even the small things in life!

Any day spent cooling off in the pool is a favorite day of ours!! This day we just happen to be visiting our family, the Campbell's, Guynn's and Schapal's, at Phoenix on the bay. Ella Claire wore sunscreen for the first time and we floated down the lazy river. It was fabulous! I love this picture of her. She looks like a little muffin to me when she wears this sun hat. :)

One of our favorite things to do as a family is run or walk in our neighborhood together. It has been SOOOO hot this summer, that we haven't been doing much running, but we still love taking late afternoon walks! We get to see a beautiful sunset and catch up on each others day. These sunglasses are NOT one of EC's favorites. Actually I took this picture about 1 second after we put them on her because they don't stay on much longer than that.

This summer favorite is called "lucky lucky lavender" by OPI! My sister, Kim, told me about it. She got a pedicure with it around Easter, and we can't get enough of it. It's such a fun color, that we have been using it all spring and summer!

Ella Claire has even joined in on the fun!

Do you play words with friends? I do and LOVE it! It's so fun and addictive! It's basically just scrabble. I don't always have time to play during the day, but I always play right before I go to bed at night. You play a turn and then wait for your opponent to play. There is no time limit, so if you get busy, you just stop and can later pick back up where you left off. You should definitely give it a try!

I can't believe my baby is eating Cheerios! But, she is and she can't get enough! This is her new favorite snack. They are my new favorite snack too because they will satisfy and entertain her at any's great! This is a picture of her chowing down while Jeremy and I enjoy our dinner! Everyone's happy!

Well, I hope you are enjoying your favorite things this summer too! Here is one last picture of two of my favorite people!! :)


  1. What a cutie you have!!!

    I just started playing Words with Friends and I am addicted!!

  2. LOVING that nail color! and I always love looking at pics of EC. She is such a little cutie face! I just want to squeeze her!


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