Friday, October 22, 2010

new SHOES, 12 month SHOTS and a backyard photo SHOOT :)

It's a record....two posts in 3 days! I'm trying, can you tell? Jeremy and I recently purchased a new camera that we had our eyes on for a LONG time! Hopefully it will motivate me to get on and share a little more often.  A few of these pictures were taken with our new camera (a Canon T2i) but the first couple pictures were taken with our smaller sony camera.  I think you will be able to tell the difference.

When Ella Claire started walking, I knew she HAD to wear shoes.  I love sweet baby feet and for that reason, until now, I had not purchased any dressy shoes for her.  She has a few pair of Robeez, but nothing fancy to wear out. ;)  So, when Ella Claire turned one, my mom and I took her to none other than J Ray Shoes, and picked out the sweetest pair of shoes for our sweet pea.  This was such a special occasion and I just had to get a picture of her getting her foot measured. Call me crazy, but I was so nostalgic that week, that I was disappointed I didn't think of bringing our video camera along too! This is the same store where my mom bought my shoes when I was a child. 

Ella Claire happy as can be and showing us she is 1, just a few minutes before she got those mean ole' 12 month immunizations.   

Still holding up that 1, but not quite as happy after the shots.  :(  

Daddy took the day off and came to play with us at The Watermelon Patch!!

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!!

I realized a few Sundays ago, that Ella Claire dresses up each Sunday and I rarely take pictures! So, last Sunday after church we had a little family photo shoot in the backyard. You can even see Gus in one or two of them.  :) I can't believe how growny she looks in this one!

We have so many pictures of Jeremy and Ella Claire in this exact position.  She just stares at him and gives the biggest sweet! 

Love that squishy face!  See her new shoes?!?!!

This might just be my favorite picture ever! It really does make my heart melt!

Happy Weekend! 

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  1. Hey Nat!! I had to come check out the latest blog since we talked about it tonight!! Brian and I had a great time with you and Jeremy and the rest of the fam!! And of course EC was the sunshine of my day!! Now I know why my PaPa always sang me "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine..." bc these sweet little girls literally make my whole day brighter!! I just love EC and Madelaine to peices!! :)
    -Jessica (AKA: Aunt Tess!!) ;)


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