Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ella Claire's first fall festival

Kim and Maddie Moo with me and Ella Claire

Along with all of our other fall festival activities, this year our church started a new tradition called blessing street. It was such a neat idea!  You can see part of it in this picture behind Steph and EC.  They made a pretend street in the grass and a wall of doors.  Each door was decorated with different themes.  The kids would go knock on each door for treats! They started letting the kids knock on the doors after dark, so they couldn't see the black tarp, just the decorated doors! Everyone behind the doors had on costumes too. They got really creative with the costumes and door decorations! I wish I would have taken more pictures! :)

Jess and Steph decorated their door with a candy theme.  They are dressed as cones of cotton candy!

Mickey Mouse and my little duck weren't sure what to think about each other! Isn't that such a cute little Mickey Mouse! Love him!!

They decided it would be okay to hold hands for a picture. :)

Jeremy and I spent most of the night chasing our little duck around!  

She didn't even want to sit still for a family picture!  Silly duck!

The sweetest little angel and duck with their daddies!

Have you ever seen such an adorable little elephant?! Big brother was an elephant too, but ran too fast for a picture!

Adriane and her little angel, Layla. Adriane made this sweet little costume!

Ella Claire didn't eat any candy this year, but on our way home we stopped to see GiGi. She treated EC to some vanilla ice cream. Oh my!!!  She didn't know what to think about all that sugar! I think it was GiGi's trick to get EC to come sit with her. It worked!

Well, November is here and it's time to put those costumes away and start thinking TURKEY! :) Such a wonderful time of the year! 

Happy Tuesday everyone!  See ya again real soon!

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  1. Oh I just looooooove it! Such a cute duck! Maybe next year we can come to yalls fall festival-sounds like so much fun! Love you, SJ and LK


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