Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thoughts from Thursday

They are best friends. She looks for him first thing every morning. She loves him. He loves her. He has germs that I would rather her not be exposed to. She doesn't care. It's not worth the fight. :)

How 'bout those pj's with a whole in the toe??!!?

This morning little miss independent would not eat unless I allowed her to feed herself with the spoon. 
Notice she has a different spoon. She dropped the first one and Gus got a hold of it. So we got her a new one. ;)

We spent the afternoon with some wonderful friends.  Lots of babies! Noah, Layla, Jacob, Madelaine and Ella Claire.

By 5:00 we were both ready for daddy to be home. We decided to go play outside and greet him in the driveway.  I took a few pictures while we waited. :)

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