Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fall pumpkin topiary project

This year I was a little late getting our front porch ready for fall. I think a combination of planning Ella Claire's 1st birthday party and the weather being so warm distracted me.  :) However, I couldn't let the season pass without a fall pumpkin at our doorstep welcoming our guests. So, when I went looking for a cute pumpkin idea, I found exactly what I was looking for at none other than the Southern Living website.  I actually came across this idea a few years ago, and if I remember correctly, I think I read on the website that it was first published in 2003. They constructed their topiary slightly different than I did and used a strand of lights instead of candles, but either way works. I already had candles on hand, so I decided to use them.  Here's how i did it...

What you will need:
a clay pot or urn
3 pumpkins in graduated size
a drill and large drill bit
3 candles

Step 1:
Choose what type of container you will use as your base.  Pick out 3 pumpkins in graduated size.  Make sure the largest pumpkin with fit snugly in your base.  

Don't let your one year old pick out your pumpkins, they might just be a smidge too small.  ;)

Step 2:
Carve out the inside of all 3 pumpkins, just like you would if you were going to carve them.  You can throw away the tops to the large pumpkin and middle sized pumpkin, but save the top to the smallest.

Step 3:
Grab your husbands drill and large drill bit and drill holes in each pumpkin. You can make the holes all one size or vary the sizes.  If you aren't too handy with a drill (like me) grab your husband too and ever so kindly ask for his assistance with this part of the project. ;)

Step 4:
Clean off your pumpkins, and place the largest pumpkin inside your container.  Put a candle inside the pumpkin, then stack the middle sized pumpkin on top and place a candle in it too.  Lastly, place the smallest pumpkin on top with a candle inside and put the top back on the pumpkin.  I added a leaf and pine cone garland around the base of the largest pumpkin and some mums for color and tada...a very easy and cute pumpkin topiary!

We are all ready for fall around here y'all! Let's just hope the weather decides to cooperate!

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