Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Friday Morning!!

How do you start your day?  I have gotten into a habit of starting my day with one of these...

A LARGE cup of coffee. I'm not really picky about what goes inside as long as its creamy and sweet and definitely caffeinated, unlike Jeremy, who prefers his coffee black. No thanks.

These sweet ones keep me mighty busy in the mornings and if I don't have a chance to eat breakfast before lunch time, my coffee helps keep me going.  :)

Last week Madelaine, EC and I had a special visit from Sara Jane and Laura Katherine. Sara Jane and I try to get together any chance we can.  Our girls are just 7 weeks apart and we are hoping they will be friends for life.  Madelaine, is a few months younger than the big girls. In a few months the 7 month gap between and M and EC won't be as noticeable, and before we know it, she will be playing right there along with them.

These girls really do love each other.

Do Ella Claire's clothes look familiar? We just got a few shirts appliqued and I can't get enough of them. They rarely make it to her drawers because she wears them, I wash them and she wears them again.  :)

My, how they have grown in just 1 year! Drinking out of sippy cups like big girls! Happy early birthday to LK, who will be one next week!

I love these leggings EC is wearing as much as the appliqued tees.  I just so happened to catch them on sale at baby Gap for 7.99 during the no sales tax weekend in August.  I bought 2 pairs and she wears them so much, that I wish I would have bought more, in different colors of course! I've checked the website and they are all sold out. Bummer!

Earlier this week,  one of Ella Claire's Christmas presents arrived! Yay!! It was too heavy for me to pick up, so, when Jeremy got home, I asked him to push it into our junk, craft, storage, I mean guest bedroom. Seriously, it drives me bananas that I am using this room for storage.  One day very soon, I am going to clean it all out and make it pretty again!  ANYWAY, I heard Jeremy laughing and walked down the hall to this precious sight.  Ella Claire was helping Jeremy push the box.  I had to grab the camera and take this picture to help me remember this moment forever!

...and just because one of the reasons I write this blog is to help me remember the simple things we do everyday, here are a few new things Ella Claire is doing.

-Stomping her feet and making this "I'm annoyed" sound when she doesn't like something or I tell her no. Now, where did she learn this???

-Shaking her head "NO" to EVERYTHING! I knew this was coming.  For a while now, she has been shaking her head "yes" to certain questions we ask. Now, everything is "no". Lovely!

-My favorite new thing is something she started a few weeks ago.  At certain random times during the day, she will run up to me and put her arms around my legs and rest her head on my leg. OH MY! I can't explain how much I love it when she does this! It's so neat that she has started to express how she feels about things....the good and the bad! :)

Well, goodbye for now. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Next week is going to bring so much fun..lots of baking, shopping, sleeping and eating! Can't wait!


  1. SO CUTE! We love playing with you girls! ;)
    Lots of love, SJ and LK

  2. I LOVE the pictures of EC and Madelaine in EC's chair!! And I love the one of Ella Claire helping her daddy! =)


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