Friday, December 31, 2010

another year has gone by

Hello friends! I hope this post on the very last day of the year, finds you doing well and ready to ring in the new coming year. 2011. Can you believe that?!??! Time just flies!

I know Christmas is over, but I just couldn't help but share with you some pictures from this past week.

Also, I had these first few picture from Christmas in my picasa web album ready to put on my last blog post, but somehow I missed them...
Gigi and a very sleepy Ella Claire

Stephanie and Andrew, the newest cutest couple around! :)

I mean seriously. How cute are they?!?

The day after Christmas, after we heard that the night service at church was canceled, Jeremy, Ella Claire, Andrew, Steph and myself loaded up and went out for a little after Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, the 2 stores I wanted to hit up the most, williams-sonoma and pottery barn were closed. So, we decided to go on a road trip and check out the light show in grand bay.

Super impressive! These pictures honestly don't even do it justice. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Christmas in Alabama, but it's a home in Grand Bay that has gone all out with their Christmas lights. They have a sign in their yard that tells you what radio station to turn your car radio to and the lights flash to the beat of the music. You just pull over off of the road and enjoy the show. It was nice going after Christmas because it wasn't very crowded. There were a few cars coming and going while we sat there and watched the lights, but nothing like what I had heard it was like before Christmas. We decided this would definitely be a new tradition. Check out the link I posted above if you want more information!

Earlier in the week, we went over to the Grand Hotel in Point Clear for a very special occasion. Brian and Jess got engaged! Steph, Jeremy, EC and I just went over to take a few pics of them. But, while we were there, we went into the dining room to see their amazing gingerbread house. Andrew and Steph went to see it a few weeks ago and told us all about it. I haven't stopped thinking about it since. I was so happy to have an excuse to drive over and see it. It weighs 700 lbs is 8-foot-wide by 16-foot-long and is an exact replica of the Grand Hotel property.

We also took a family picture in front of one of the beautiful live Christmas trees.

And here is the happy engaged couple! So adorable!

Emma has been over to play a few days this week.

She went to the store for some groceries.....

....then she and Ella Claire whipped up a delicious breakfast! :)

Of all the new toys, I think Ella Claire still enjoys her shopping bags the most! It cracks me up to see her put them on her arm and walk around the house.

Taking baby for a stroll in the store.

Okay, I know this post has been insanely long (the last one was too). But, I have one more thing. I don't know if you read Beth Moore's living proof ministry blog, but I found it earlier this year and it has been such an encouragement to me on so many occasions! A few weeks ago she announced on her blog that she would be doing something called The Siesta Scripture Memory Team. She calls all the ladies that read her blog siestas (you'll have to go there to read and find out why). So basically, the SSMT is just a way to encourage the ladies that read her blog to memorize God's word and to be kept accountable for it. I LOVE IT! I NEED THIS! :) I know it will be a challenge, but I also know that hiding God's word in my heart is one of the most important things I can do as a believer.  It will strengthen my walk with Christ and in that allow me to be a brighter beacon for Him! If you are interested, this is where she explains how it will work.  She has a few instructions, and that's only because she has done this before and knows what works best to keep people accountable and likely to stay on tract. If you decide to do it, let me know and maybe we can help keep each other accountable too! :)

Happy New Year Y'all! Stay safe and I'll see ya again in 2011!


  1. I LOVE your last two posts!!!! I love Ella Clairs kissing that baby doll and pushing her around in that shopping cart!!! so stinkin' cute! And Steph and Andrew are so adorable!!! I looked through her FB christmas pics and was just thinking they were so adorable together! :) And just so you know I am do that Beth Moore thing too!!! :) so let's talk about that later on skype! :) Hope you have a Happy New Year! Love you lots! Oh...did you get a new watch?! It looks good!

  2. Natalie! Ella Claire is absolutely adorable! Love, love the shopping cart. And I checked out Beth Moore's blog, love the idea! I'm on board too.


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