Sunday, January 2, 2011

not what we expected

Happy New Year!

It's late and it's been a loooooong day, so I'm hoping this post makes sense. But I have a few things I want to jot here we go!

Our new years eve and new years day didn't go as we expected it to. This year Jeremy and I didn't have any New Year's Eve plans. We decided since Ella Claire is so young we would just stay home and ring in the new year from our living room..... with a little sparkling grape juice! :) At the last minute we were invited to dinner at a friends house were we could bring Ella Claire and we thought that sounded much better than staying at home! But, as the day progressed, so did body aches and a sore throat for me. :( About an hour and a half before we were supposed to arrive for dinner, I called to cancel because I thought I was coming down with the flu. (and not that this matters, b/c I wouldn't want to expose anyone to the flu, but my friend is pregnant. and the flu and pregnancy might just be the worst thing ever!) My aunt, who we spent Christmas with, called my mom earlier in the day and informed us she has the flu. :( How horrible!!! Apparently it's going around, so y'all watch out! Anyway, Jeremy put Ella Claire to bed and we also went to bed early (missing the new year!) and I still woke up feeling yucky. I did get the best sleep though. I slept for about 12 or 13 hours and thats over twice as much sleep as I normally get! Anyway, J and I also had to cancel lunch plans with another friend from out of town. This friend happens to be pregnant also. Lots of babies coming in 2011! So, needless to say our new year was not starting off too great!  but it gets even better....

I won't tell you what time I woke up, it was ridiculously and embarrassingly late. My sister and Andrew were on there way to his hometown to spend the day with his family. Steph texted me and was asking how I felt and was telling me about how their NYE was. In the middle of our conversation she stopped texting me. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am just like my mom and I worry and can sometimes think the worst. The thought did cross my mind that something was wrong, but I pushed that negative thought right out of there. I drug my sickly self out of bed and went to the kitchen to see what Jeremy and Ella Claire were up to. Kim called and we chatted for a few minutes on the phone. As soon as we hung up she called back and said that Steph and Andrew had been in a car accident. MY HEART STOPPED! By the grace of God and only by the grace of God were they okay! They both were sent in separate ambulances to the nearest hospital and kept for several hours for x-rays and test. Both checked out with no broken bones, only scrapes and bruises. Andrew's Mazda is totaled though. They hydroplaned and flipped several times (not sideways but longways) and landed in a steep ditch.  The Lord is sooooooo good! 2011 has just began and He is already showing His goodness and grace. It could have been could have been so bad! Here are a few pictures of the car and the site were the accident happened.

I really can not thank the Lord enough for watching over my sister and Andrew! I KNOW that his angels were guarding and protecting them.

Okay, I'm changing the subject here, but I mentioned in my last post that I am doing the Beth Moore, siesta scripture memory challenge.  Amy and Skyla, I'm so glad y'all are doing it too! I decided to post my new verse here as well as in my notebook and on her blog. Just another way to keep me accountable. :) And who knows who might stumble across this blog on the day I post a verse and really need it! God does cool things like that ya know! So my first verse is :

"I have hidden your word in my hear that I might not sin against you." Psalm 119:11

Easy one right? But, honestly I didn't know the reference and I wanted to start this Bible verse memory challenge with a verse that will remind me of how important God's word is. Hiding His word in my heart will keep me from sinning against Him! :) love it!

Well, that's all I have for now! By the way, I don't think I have the flu. As this crazy day has gone on, I thankfully have not gotten any worse. So, I'm praying it's just a little bug that got me feeling bad for a while and I'll be back 100% soon. Goodnight friends!


  1. Wow! Glad Stephanie's okay! Happy new year to you!

  2. Thanks Nicole! Happy New Year to you too! :)


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