Sunday, December 19, 2010

deck the halls

Hi friends! Can you believe Christmas is just a few days away? In just a few days family will be arriving in town and we will officially be kicking off the Christmas holidays. This morning we had our children's Christmas program at church and I LOVE to see them all dressed up and sing so loud. All of them were absolutely precious. I couldn't help but think that in just a few years Ella Claire will be up there singing too. I don't want to wish any time away, but I can't wait to hear her sing songs about Jesus. There just aren't many things sweeter.
We had another jam packed weekend (that included shopping with all the other last minute shoppers!!), but I spent Friday night catching up on something I should have done weeks ago.....

......making address labels and addressing Christmas cards. Why do I always procrastinate? Why does it sneak up on me every year? Next year I will do better. But this year, our cards are being sent the week of Christmas. ;)

Anyway, without further adieu...our tree!

Notice, we still have lots of wrapping to do. I have designated tomorrow night, gift wrapping night at the Stephens!

and a few other Christmas decorations we put out this year....

This little tree is in my kitchen and has kitchen ornaments on it. 

Our stockings finally arrived. I have live tree branches and clippings to put on my mantle, but haven't really had the time to arrange it. With Christmas just a few days a way, I don't think they will make it on there. I have accepted that my mantle is only half way decorated, and I'm moving on! :) Also, Jeremy and I have always had stocking holders, but they are really heavy and I was so afraid EC would pull them down on her head. So, I'm sure this is the first year of many that our stockings will hang by a nail. :)

Ella Claire's tree in her room, that she LOVES!

Somehow, I forgot to take a picture of my nativity that I love! My grandmother gave it to me and it is something I will add to in the coming years; right now, we only have Joseph, Mary and Jesus. 

Tonight, after church we took a few pictures by the tree. 

We love getting kisses from Ella Claire...
She doesn't always feel the same....

She made up for that hair pulling by the look in her eyes in this picture. I forgive her. :)

Before bed,  these two chased each other around the house.

Well, I'm off to bed to get some rest. It's been a busy weekend, with no sign of slowing down. But, over the next few days during all the hustle and bustle, do slow down and hug those around you that mean so much, thank God for them, and steal a kiss; even if you get your hair pulled in the process! Merry Christmas friends!

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  1. This is one of my new favorite posts! :) I loved it! I can't wait to spend Christmas with you and the rest of the fam! :)


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