Wednesday, December 22, 2010

random thoughts amongst busyness...if that makes sense

I just wanted to stop by and say good morning (good afternoon by now!). :) We wrapped presents last night and when we went to bed, we still had lots and lots and lots to wrap.  AND Ella Claire and I are headed out in a bit to do more shopping which means more wrapping.....AH! OH I just love Christmas! I really do, I just wish that I was a bit more organized and could enjoy more of it instead of rushing around like crazy right here at the end. Maybe next year?  I sure am glad though, that I waited to put the wrapped presents under our tree because, little miss priss can't seem to keep her hands off of them! I'm praying that they make it a few more days. I'm sorry family and friends if your gifts look half unwrapped when you get them! :)
So, like I said we wrapped last night and I wanted to share some random thing that I was just in love with!

Do you see the lines on the inside of this wrapping paper? How cool! You might already know about this, IDK, but I was thrilled to be able to cut a straight line while wrapping our gifts! Just a simple little thing that makes all the difference!  I got this wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby.  Here is a picture of me cutting right between the lines. See, you can do that too. The lines help you measure the exact amount of paper you will need to wrap that box! Love it!

Anyway, while we wrapped Ella Claire ate peas off of her table like a big girl...

...and Gus was right there behind her praying she dropped a few!

She loves peas as much as she loves Cheerios, and I love that!

Telling Gus "No! you can not eat my dinner!"

She wanted to help us wrap gifts too!

But, instead decided to play in the kitchen island aka my wrapping station! :)

Ok, I must go. We are on a mission. I am off to about a million stores and I need just one item from each store...don't ya just love that? Especially when shopping with a car seat rider???? Ok, here I go..... READY. SET. GO!!!!!

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  1. EK used to like peas too : ) But has... just recently... stopped eating pretty much all veggies : ( Hope your sweet girl continues to love them!


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