Friday, December 10, 2010


I forgot to mention in my last post how I am doing post surgery! :) To my wonderful surprise, I have not really experienced any real pain. Maybe a little discomfort, but this hasn't been bad at all.

After the surgery Jeremy brought me home and tried to put me to bed. My mom was at our house watching Ashton, Ella Claire and Madelaine. The first thing I remember after the surgery was walking into our living room and insisting I sit on the sofa and talk to everyone instead of going to get in bed. That didn't last long. Soon, Jeremy talked me into going to bed and getting some rest. I basically slept all day. Jeremy took great care of me; waiting on me hand and foot! By the end of the day, the anesthesia was wearing off and I talked Jeremy into finally putting lights on the tree. That's right! Can you believe I felt that good?!? After he strung the lights we went through a few of our boxes of decorations and put enough ornaments on the tree to satisfy my need to look at a decorated tree while stuck inside the house. Today, I have been hanging out in my pj's just enjoying being at home and looking at a beautifully lit and decorated tree. :) I am still taking my pain medicine every 6 hours. I'm not quite ready to try going without it, and I have plenty left. This is my first time taking Lortab and I have to say it definitely does it's job! Like, I said, so far I can't say I have been in pain. Didn't really think I would be able to say that. So glad that I am!

So, this thing that I have been dreading all these years was nothing! If you need your wisdom teeth removed and are procrastinating, procrastinate no longer. You will be so glad you got it over with.

....and here's a sneak peek of our family pictures we took last week at Admoni Photography.

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  1. Haha! I'm so glad you're feeling so good Nat! That's great! :) I enjoyed talking to you yesterday too! It reminded me how much I miss you! I haven't seen you and Ella Claire enough lately! :( I will be so glad when final exams are over and I can just soak up the holiday festivities and fun! And I can't wait to see your Christmas pictures! I know they're going to be adorable! Love you Nat!


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