Monday, January 10, 2011

getting into mischief

Little climber...

I get this look quite a bit these days. Scrunchy eyebrows and all.

The climbing was cute when she was sitting on the box, a little scary for mommy (and Ella Claire too I think) when she stood up.

I think these arms clinched tight mean "Help me down, I'm stuck!" So I did and I was much happier with both of her feet planted safely on the ground.

On another note, I had to go into work unexpectedly today for a few hours. So, Ella Claire got to try out her new car seat. We both loved it! Here she is all bundled up, strapped in and ready to ride.
P.S. Don't know if you can see because the picture is a bit dark, but the back of my SUV is loaded down with bags to take to goodwill. And I am very excited about that!

I also videoed her in her new seat on my phone and I am TRYING to upload it to YouTube so I can post it here. Trying being the keyword here. I've tried it twice from my phone and been unsuccessful both times. I have also tried it from my computer; it seems to be uploading at a snails pace. I'm hoping to have it up sometime tomorrow. :) It's cute and I can't want to show it to you. But then again, I am her mommy and I think everything she does and says is cute. I guess you'll just have to check back and see what you think for yourself! :) night friends!

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  1. I love it!! Such a cutie patootie!! :) And the previous! I barely remember her being so tiny!! It's hard to image she was every so little! She's grown so unbelievably fast!!!! It's so fun to watch her grow up but gosh I wish it would slow down!! I don't get to see her or baby Madelaine enough!!!


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