Monday, January 10, 2011

Someone got a new car seat....

...and it's about time! 

Checking out her new ride...

At 15 months, Ella Claire has just now reached the 20 lbs mark. How this is possible, I have no idea. The girl can eat! She still meets the requirements for her old car seat for height (barely) and weight, so we have been in no rush to buy a new one. I know a few of you that are reading this and have babies Ella Claire's age are laughing at our procrastination because she is 15 months old for crying out loud! It's okay, I am kinda laughing too and wondering why in the world we waited so long.  :)

And, just because I'm a little sad to say goodbye to the old car seat, here is a look back at all the fun we have had in it over the last 15 months. (by the way, all of these pics are from my old iPhone and might be a little grainy)

Her first car seat ride. All bundled up and ready to head home from the hospital.

Just a few days old, headed back to the Doctor for another bili check.

I do believe this was her first appearance with her signature "big bow".

Going for a walk, with the car seat in the stroller.

Ella Claire's first Christmas, leaving the house in our pj's to unwrap presents.

One of my favorite pictures. Going to church on her first Easter.

Chewing on those toes...

sweet feet. I think this pic proves she needed a new seat with those long legs. 

Just hanging out with Madelaine. :)

It's out with the old and in with the new. I think I am going to apply this saying to some more things around my house this week. This past weekend I was in major cleaning mode and I think it's time to clean out and ship out the things we have laying around collecting dust. Maybe a little spring cleaning in January? Sounds nice! I think I'll get right to it...


  1. Tear, tear! Our little Ella Claire bear is growing up right before our eyes!! How does this happen?!? =) I enjoyed all of the cute pics!

  2. Emma Kate was 15 months too when we finally got her into her new car seat! She took forever to meet those requirements. I was a little sad to let the "pumpkin" seat go too : ( With all that said, Emma Kate LOVES he new seat! She loves being able to see everything and I LOVE being able to see her too!


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