Thursday, January 20, 2011

a sick baby and farewell to an old friend

Today has not been an easy one. Ella Claire didn't sleep well last night and woke up with a runny nose. After a short trip to the doctor's office we found out she has RSV. :( We know exactly where she got it; poor little Madelaine has been sick with it for a week now. She is having to have breathing treatments around the clock and is thankfully doing better.  Kim took M to the doctor last Wednesday, but she was not diagnosed with RSV until she went back to the doctor's office on Sunday. So Ella Claire was exposed to it sometime last week and just started showing symptoms today. We left the doctor's office with no medicine, were told that it just has to run its course and she could possibly have a mild case (we are praying!!!). We will know in 5 days when it should peak. Supposedly, each child reacts differently to it and some do not need breathing treatments. Please pray with us that EC's symptoms will not get any worse! However, in the mean time we will be hanging out at home. We were told to stay home and for Ella Claire to not be around any children for eight days. We will certainly take the advice as we do not want to spread this yucky bug around!

On another note, we feel like we lost a member of our family today. We DID loose a member of our family today. Jeremy and I decided recently that we had to find a new home for Gus. :( Unfortunately, since Ella Claire has been here, we have not been able to give Gus the attention that he needs, loves and desires. Because of this, he has become a bit naughty. By naughty, I mean barking constantly, chewing on Ella Claire's toys and just plain ignoring when we tell him to stop or give him a command. We know that his behavior is directly related to the lack of attention we are able to provide.

Jeremy found him a wonderful new home and we know he will be treated extremely well!!! We are just giving this a trial run and if Gus doesn't do well with the new family, or if we are just too sad and have a change of heart, over the next week or so we can get him back. But, we know this will probably be permanent.

I am sad because Jeremy and I got Gus 4 years ago when we lived in Birmingham and he really is a part of our family. I am sad because Ella Claire loves Gus too. I am sad because it feels like something is missing without him here. I am sad because I thought Gus would be around and with us as Ella Claire and our future children got older. This probably sounds very silly to someone who doesn't have a dog or an inside dog, but believe me when I say, we all moped around this house tonight missing our little pup. I'm just trying to remind myself of all the new things and love he will receive at his new home.  :)

So, hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day. I will be doing just as the nice lady that took Gus tonight said I could, and call and check on him first thing in the morning. But for now, a trip down memory lane...

The day we brought him home to our apartment

moving home from Birmingham

Gus helping me drive

buddies right from the start

Good night friends, it's been a long day!


  1. That was a tough one Natalie. He is son cute and to have had him since he was so small I honestly don't know how you will handle being without him. Sometimes you have to do tough things and I hope this can be worked out. Good Luck.

  2. this is so sad! I have a dog, so I completely understand. I've had Casey since I was in college, and I can't imagine having to give him away! He is my "child" and I love him! I know it had to be hard to say good-bye to your precious pooch! I just hope you are able to visit him from time to time!

    Hope your sweet little girl gets to feeling better soon!

  3. Hi sweet! I just caught up on your blog! I love your header! I am in the process of doing mine right now...except I cheated and hired someone! Cant wait to see the end results! Poor little EC, hope she feels better soon. I told Kim, several of my friends children have it too! I'll be praying for her:) I'm soooooo sad about Gus! This might require a phone call...I love you Hun and loving watching EC grow viavyour blog!!!!

  4. Nat..... I literally cried my eyes out reading this post! I'd like to blame it on the hormones due to pregnancy but I just got so wrapped up in your words! I put myself in the situation of giving Macy away and I LOST it! I pray that this is a good change for everyone involved, including sweet Gus! I also pray that you and Jeremy would feel God's peace and calm! God tells us to come to Him with everything! No matter how small we may think it is... so, don't you dare care if anyone thinks you're being silly... you're not! He was and still is a beloved member of your family! He just has a new address : )


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