Friday, January 21, 2011

some VERY GOOD news!

First of all, thank you so very much for all the kind words of encouragement this week! I appreciate all of the prayers! Ella Claire is still hanging in there and has not started wheezing or given me any indication that we need to go back to the doctor. Please keep praying though, because, I know this virus peaks at around 5 days (we are at day 3) and has the potential to be very mean to young children!

This week started off rough, but it has ended well!!! You will never guess who is back.....our GUS GUS!!!! It just so happens that Gus was not a good fit for the other family and we could not be happier about that! The very short time he was gone...about 24 hours, Jeremy and I were just so sad and questioning if we had made the right decision. The couple called Jeremy and me around 4 o'clock on Thursday and said that he was just a little too hyper for them and tinkling all over their house (which I guess he was doing that because he was in new territory, because he is completely house broken and NEVER goes potty in our house). So they brought him back home and we have been one little happy family since. Now, we still have to handle the behavioral issues, so we will now be going to plan b: obedience school. We probably should have tried this first anyway, it sounds like a much better plan!! Don't ya think? 

Okay, because I am so glad that Gus is home, I have to show you something funny he did tonight. Jeremy and I have this chair in our bedroom and Gus likes to sit in it. I have been a laundry washing machine tonight, but not a laundry folding machine, :) and I decided to just put a pile of clean laundry in our chair and fold them tomorrow. Gus, didn't mind that there was laundry in his chair, he just climbed right on top. Ordinarily, I would not let Gus lay on our clean laundry, but because we tried to give him away this week, he might just be getting a little special treatment for the next few days week or so. :) So, I came back to our chair with another load of clean laundry and told Gus to move and tried to make him move, but he decided he wasn't going to; so, I just put the load on top of him. :)
(pardon the grainy picture, taken in a dimly lit room with my iPhone)

He didn't seem to mind at all, probably because they were nice and warm. Actually, that sounds kinda nice... I wish someone would cover me in warm clean clothes straight out of the dryer!!! Anyway, that was about 2 hours ago. I just looked over at Gus (Yes, I'm typing this from my bed at 10:30 pm on a Friday night... it's been a long week remember???), and this is what I found.
(same photo disclaimer as above ;)

Yes, sound asleep. Out cold. I think he likes it in there. Don't think he can't get out; I have seen him wiggle and reposition a few times.

Okay, I gotta run, my eye lids are heavy. But, I do want to show you a sneak peak of something I made yesterday with my new sewing machine that J gave me for Christmas.

I appliqued this onesie for EC for Valentine's. I am so excited about it! This is literally the first thing I have sewn besides an a-line dress about 3 years ago, at a beginner's sewing class. But that was so long ago, it doesn't count. That should tell you how easy this project was! Just in case you might want to make one too, I wrote down all the steps and took pictures as I went so I could show you how to make one too. That post should be coming up soon. Shhh! Don't tell, but Ella Claire is giving one to her cousins Emma and Madelaine for Valentines. :) Can't wait!!

Okay, I'm out! Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!!! 


  1. Now this is a wonderful post. Gus is back, the family is happy again, you created something beautiful and showed pictures to document it all. Thanks for making my morning. I was worried about Gus.

  2. So glad you got your puppy back! I know he's probably happy too! Hope your little one gets to feeling better soon!


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