Monday, May 30, 2011

two fun announcements and pure randomness

Morning peeps! Happy Memorial Day! This post will probably just be a bunch of randomness that I have been meaning to share for the last few weeks, but I do have a few exciting things to share. We have had lots of excitement in our family recently and I have fallen behind on the blogging.

First up on important news...Steph and Jess are officially college graduates! They both graduated from The University of South Alabama College of Nursing and I am so proud of them! I can't believe it was 5 1/2 years ago when Jeremy and I graduated. Time flies!! Being at their nursing convocation brought back so many memories of our days in nursing school. We know exactly how hard they worked for that degree and couldn't be happier for them! I truly was so proud during the program, you would have thought I was getting my degree again. :)

This is Jess and Steph with their friend Christy. They met in nursing school and all finished together.

Second thing that I am just dying to announce is that Steph and Andrew got engaged!!! Yes, that is right...Gracie will be here in September, Jess and Brian are getting married in October and then Andrew and Steph will be getting married in March or April. Fun times ahead for this family!! I have a lot of pictures to share of their engagement, so, I will just save the story and fun pictures for another post. But, here is one of my favorites.

And another so you can see her gorgeous ring.

Okay, on to the randomness...

You might already know this little trick, but I thought I would share just in case. It's for all you moms out there that have baby girls with really fine hair. I guess Ella Claire has Jeremy's hair because it is extremely fine and silky and a bow, especially a big bow like I like for her to wear, will not stay in her hair. It drives me nuts, I have tried everything and usually just resort back to the white baby headband. A few days ago I was in Tiny Town (It's a local children's boutique, for any of you readers who don't live around here. By the way if you are ever in Mobile, stop by, or maybe don't, because you will want to purchase one of everything. I seriously have to stay away and when I do go in, I go straight to the clearance rack). Anyway, I was in there purchasing some new bows for my sweet pea (another thing, I'm picky about my bows and I personally think they make some of the prettiest), and I just happened to mention to the sales lady the problem I was having with keeping bows in EC's hair. She recommended I put hot glue on the inside of the alligator clip. Great idea! I went straight home to try it but looked everywhere for my glue gun. Couldn't find not one of them, which is crazy because I know I buy one every time I'm in line at hobby lobby! They're so tempting those cute tiny little glue guns! A few days later, I borrowed my moms and came home and found mine a few hours later, when I wasn't even looking for it. Funny how that happens, huh? Anyway, it worked great! The bows stay right in place, right until Ella Claire gets tired of it and yanks it out! ;) But at least the bow will stay in place until it's removed.

Hot glue on the inside of the alligator clip...

After I put the glue on the clip, I held it for just a moment to let it dry, then I clipped the bow to a strip of wax paper so I could move on to the next bow. You can see toothpicks laying there on the wax paper. After I did a few bows I started using the toothpick to spread out the glue and make it a little more even.

So, if you have trouble keeping a bow in your baby's hair, give the glue gun a try!

Okay, this is really old news, but I just had to tell you how obsessed I am with pinterest. I love it! I love it for keeping up with projects I'm working on or should start working on VERY soon (EC's big girl room...hmmm hmmm), recipes I want to try, and even new hairstyles that I probably will never have time to try, but want to really bad. :) I also love having the app on my phone because anytime I'm sitting and waiting, like at the doctor's office, I can look at beautiful pictures on my phone. Here is a screen shot of my boards.

Yeah, don't even look at the time on that, I'm a night owl. And that would be the reason I yawn all day and can't wait till nap time. :)

One more thing, I have to share this recipe. I feel like I should be sharing some sort of BBQ recipe since it's memorial day, but this is what's on my mind. I made these one night for dinner when I had the most odd things on hand in my fridge. They are mini lasagna cups, and we will be having them again. I had these wonton wrappers left over from trying this recipe that I found on a friends blog, they were yummy too, you might want to try them as well! I have already made them a few times. Anyway, I had the wontons left over and I had ricotta cheese left over from making lasagna on mother's day. So, this seemed like a great way to use up those things that would probably go bad before I used them.
Here's a picture of the won ton wrappers just incase you are like me and have never bought them before. I found them at walmart in the produce refrigerated section, at the very end by the salad dressing.

I did change it up a little. For one, the recipe calls for ground beef and sausage and I had NO ground beef or sausage, so I substituted with spinach and just made it vegetarian. Jeremy likes to eat healthy for the most part and agreed they tasted great without any meat. I also spruced up the ricotta cheese by adding some parmesan cheese and parsley flakes for color. The blog mentions using mozzarella cheese instead of cheddar for the topping and so I did that too. So yummy and so quick!

So, this post is jam packed with randomness. Are you over stimulated? Will you come back again? I sure hope so! :)

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