Wednesday, June 8, 2011

splish splash at the splash pad

Last week Ella Claire and I had a play date at the splash pad. This play date was long over due. Because of busy schedules and illnesses, I don't think these babies had played together all year! Besides arriving to the splash pad at the same time a school bus dropped off 50 day care kids, and keys being locked in the car causing Lauren to pay and wait on a locksmith, only later to find out that the Eastern Shore Center security will retrieve your locked keys immediately and for free; it was a perfect day! :)

Like I said, when we first arrived, a school bus dropped off a load of children and Lauren and I were hesitant to let our babies get out and play with them. Especially since some of them were 4 times their size. The girls were a little nervous too.

It didn't take them long to jump right in and play.

(How cute is Ava in these pig tails?! Can't wait until EC has enough hair for that!)

The other kids didn't really bother them. Ella Claire did get knocked down by a running 6 or 7 year old, but she hopped right up and took it like a champ.

She ran around a little cheeky for the first 30 minutes. Until I could chase her down and fix her suit.

All of that playing called for a yummy snack of blueberries and goldfish.

It just so happened that Lauren and I packed the exact same snacks. But Ella Claire still had to check and make sure Ava wasn't eating anything more exciting than she was.

They both tried to drink the water. Probably not the most sanitary thing, but basically unavoidable in a place like this!

Such a fun day! These sweet little girls are ready for some lunch then a really long nap! Just what this momma ordered! :)


  1. THanks Natalie....these pics are so cute!!! Im going to post a link to it from my blog=) Lets play again soon. I have your pampered chef order so Ill be calling you. Cant wait to get together again soon!!!!

  2. Love the pink umbrella.... LOVE the smocked swim suit... AND really love the furniture make over! You have style!


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