Tuesday, July 5, 2011

let freedom ring...

Happy Late 4th of July! I hope you enjoyed celebrating this great country's birthday, and made some lifelong family memories. I'm all about memories. I have the most wonderful memories of July 4th's spent all day in my grandparent's pool with my cousins from Florida. We would swim, literally all day, eat lots of watermelon and dessert's all decked out in strawberries and blueberries. YUM! I'm hoping to create the same kind of fond memories for our children.

Our weekend took a little unexpected turn when I woke up Saturday morning with pink eye in both eyes. This was my first experience having pink eye myself, but EC had it about 2 weeks ago. I caught it early, so thankfully it never got too terribly bad, just a little annoying. You know how it goes, just a little eye itching and burning, and the topper, wearing no make up and throwing all mascara and eye liner away. JOY!! Oh, and the drops....they didn't hurt, but I have never been one to put anything in my eye! Not even saline. Now, I'm sure if you have dry eyes, saline would be welcoming to you, but it was just hard for me putting something in my eye. And, now I know why we basically had to put EC in 5 point restraints to put the drops in her eyes. :)

I also didn't mention in my last post, but I have had a yucky cold, including a sore throat, cough, major head congestion and a slight fever, since Sunday a week ago. Today, I am mostly better, but not 100 percent. So, I'm going on a week and a half of this stuff. Needless to say, I'm ready to feel normal again!

About a week ago, Jeremy and I heard from some friends that we made while living in Birmingham 5 years ago. They were headed to the beach for the fourth and wanted to know if they could stop by and stay with us a night on their way. We were so excited to get to see them and catch up and have them in our home. I was a little nervous when I woke up with pink eye on Saturday, because they were supposed to arrive Saturday afternoon. I had already called and warned my friend about my cold, and now I had to warn her about my pink eye too! She said she wasn't afraid of her or her husband getting sick and not to worry. So, Saturday night, we had a great time catching up and enjoyed being with old friends. Here we are with Jennifer and Charlie, before heading out the door for church Sunday morning. Notice the swollen right eye, it was worse than the left and no eye makeup! :(

(I'm learning more and more about photography and in this picture, I had my ISO up too high and it's causing it to be grainy. I'm learning that it's challenging to know what to do with your camera and remember to change the settings in different light! )

Sunday night, our church put on our major outreach for the 5th year in a row! Celebrate Freedom has become a huge event in our community. There are tons of activities for kids, a car show, concerts and lot's of food. This year in concert we had The Brighter, The Martins an 33 Miles. Every year the grand finale is a HUGE fireworks display that will not disappoint! I would be willing to say it's the best in town!
(The rest of these pictures were all taken from my iPhone. I didn't bring my camera along for all the fun!)

Clapping along to 33 miles.

Ella Claire got a little restless before the fireworks. Thank goodness water bottles are so entertaining!

At first Ella Claire was a little frightened by the fireworks, so she closed her eyes.

After a few minutes she was loving them!

Sporting our red, white and blue!!!

Independence day just isn't complete with out some yummy, sticky watermelon.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!! I plan on coming back in a few days and sharing the recipe for those yummy chocolate peanut-butter cups pictured above! See ya then!!

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  1. Great pictures Natalie, even with the swollen eye. Not too many things better than watermellon. Take care.


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