Thursday, July 7, 2011

homemade chocolate peanut-butter cups

Calling all chocolate and peanut butter lovers!!!

Today, I have just the thing for you! I've had this recipe posted on my food board in pinterest for a while...just waiting for the perfect time to make them. When better than at 7 months pregnant?? As you know from last years post, I always try to make some sort of patriotic dessert. This year, I just couldn't decide on one and the creativity was lacking just a tad. So, with hubs help and while EC took her afternoon nap, we whipped up these delicious chocolate and peanut-butter cups. There isn't anything patriotic about them, so the patriotic plate I placed them on will have to do. :) I'll let you click on the link for the recipe, but share a few of my pictures from baking.

These must be seriously dangerous for expecting momma's, because the author of that blog mentions her craving for these while pregnant. I can attest to those same chocolate and sweet cravings; it's basically all I want to put in my mouth these days. Terrible, I know! Don't worry though, I shared with anyone and everyone. I handed them out to family and then took the last of them to work to share the chocolate love.

The original baker uses a regular sized muffin pan to make hers, but I thought that might be a little too much, so I made mine bite size and used a mini muffin pan. I did have some chocolate and some of the peanut butter mixture left over and decided to make the large ones and they were much easier to make, especially coating the paper liners with chocolate. But the bite sized ones were just so cute and more of an appropriate serving.

Just a few simple ingredients.

Chocolate in the double boiler, ready to coat the muffin pan.

Coating the mini pan was a little difficult, so I opted to not go all the way up the sides. Just far enough to make sure the peanut butter would be completely covered all the way around.

Mixing up the peanut butter mixture.

This is how I divided my peanut butter up. 

Scoop in your peanut butter mixture.

Ready to be smothered in chocolate.



  1. OH MY goodness... gracious! Looks heavenly and is one of my FAVORITES! I must try!

  2. OMG, what could be better than chocolate and peanut butter? Thanks


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