Tuesday, July 12, 2011

sneak peek

Last week, Jeremy and I got a little sneak peek of Gracie. We had our 4D ultrasound and we think she looks just like big sister, Ella Claire! I took EC's 4D pictures with us, so we could compare immediately and so far, from what we see, they look just alike. That means, I'm going to have another baby that looks just like her daddy! That's okay with me, though! :)

This picture is of her heart, and I'm posting it because it shows her heart rate in the top right corner of the picture. 144 bpm, that's the slowest it's been so far!

Here's her sweet little profile in 2D.

and on to the good ones...

A profile shot in 4D.

This next one is neat because you can see the cord floating in front of her. At first we were afraid we wouldn't get any good shots because the cord was right in the way.

She put her hand in front of her mouth...

...then started sucking on the side of her pointer finger.

Then she threw out a peace sign. :)

She gave us a little smile.

And then, she put her foot right in front of her face, as if to say she was finished being photographed.

Another shot of her foot, that happens to look really long!

Hope you enjoyed these. I know a lot of people don't like the 4D pictures because they can look somewhat distorted through the fluid. I think they are amazing and I can't believe technology allows us to see our baby's facial features before she graces this world with her presence. It's amazing to see how active she is, even 13 weeks before she is due to arrive. What a precious miracle!

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  1. She looks amazing and wonderful. Thanks for letting us see.


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