Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just an update and Ella Claire and Madelaine's first slumber party!

Wow! Has it really been 2 weeks?!??! I don't know where the time goes....Since my last post, baby preparation has been in full swing. I am feeling so energetic and wonderful and I'm loving that! It's crazy, these pregnancies of mine! This is usually the time where most women are slowing down and starting to feel the aches and pains of the 3rd trimester. My body, on the other hand is just starting to get used to it all and I'm feeling better than ever. This time it took a little longer for me to feel better than it did when I was pregnant with Ella Claire. Around 27 weeks is when I really got my energy back this go 'round.  I'm just thankful it decided to come back. ;)

A few months ago, I talked Jeremy into taking the carpet out of Ella Claire's new room and Gracie's nursery, and installing hard wood floors. Those were the only rooms in our house that have carpet and it's always bothered me that the color was so dark. We finally found a great deal on a color that matched our other hard wood. About 2 weeks ago, the floors were scheduled do be installed. Jeremy took all of the carpet out of both rooms which meant all of the furniture had to be stored somewhere else, for the "short" amount of time it would take to install the floors and put in the molding. That somewhere else, ended up being our living room, bedroom, and hall. :) Yes, we have furniture crammed into every nook and cranny of this little house. 


Well, a little halfway through the first room, we were informed that we would not have enough hardwood to finish the second room. Yes, you can imagine the sense of panic I experienced when I realized the floors would not be finished in one "short" day, like I was told. If it were just Jeremy and me living in this house, it would be no biggie. But, Ella Claire not having a room and having to sleep in our room 2 nights in a row... not a fun adjustment! I was already worried about her moving back into her room after sleeping 1 night in ours. 


To make a long story short, the Lord obviously thought I needed a lesson in patience. The hardwood we needed was out of stock and it has taken 2 weeks to come in! And, Ella Claire is still in our room. Not after tonight though! Bright and early tomorrow morning, the floor man will be arriving to complete the floors. Hip hip hooray! I can't wait to get everything back in it's place. The nesting has definitely started, but it's hard when your nest is under mini construction! :)

During this time of our home being basically upside down, Madelaine came over for her and Ella Claire's first slumber party! This was a few weeks ago when my sis and bil were in Honduras. The girls had so much fun!

Jeremy ended up sleeping in the living room on the mattress that goes on Ella Claire's new bed. The girls couldn't resist playing on it before heading to bed with me, in me and Jeremy's room.

I'm sure Ella Claire will just love this picture one day! :)

EC aka the sippy thief. Do you see this Minnie sippy? Ella Claire talks about Minnie Mouse all day and night and I think she had her first official store melt down when she had to hand it over to the cashier so I could pay for it. She spotted it on the shelf and had to have it. :) I surely wasn't prepared to buy character items this early! Where has my baby gone???

Nutella and banana sandwiches for lunch!

Making a very big mess! But, so yummy!

Still sporting messy bed head at lunchtime!

Do you see Madelaine's first shiner??? She fell and hit her cheek on the window seal at Gigi's house the day after her mommy and daddy left for the missions trip! :( There was just a small bruise on her cheek but the next day she had a complete black eye! 

The girls were really so easy and played great together as always. I was a little worried about us getting any sleep, but they did just fine and both were ready for bed and naps the next day. 

Time for a story, song and prayers! And a little bit of water before nap time.

Sorry about this grainy one from my phone, just couldn't resist how sweet they look with their white onesies and lambs!

Happy Friday, ya'll! I'm looking forward to a weekend full of organizing rooms and washing pink newborn baby clothes! Crazy I know, but I'm actually excited about it! :) See ya later, gators!

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