Monday, November 14, 2011

blessing street

It seems I might be catching up on October during the entire month of November! But, I definitely wanted to post about this years blessing street. You might remember from last year, that our church creates a "street" on our property for kids to walk down and fill their buckets with candy. The street is spray painted in the grass and is lined with "houses" that are decorated with different themes. It is similar to trunk or treat; just something fun and different for the kids to do as opposed to trick or treating.

Ella Claire was a kitty cat and Madelaine was a lady bug.

Best friends!

There was also a spooky hospital for the older kids. So Steph and Andrew came dressed in their scrubs to help with that.

The newly weds! How amazing is this sunset?!?!!

Our family of four.

I took a few pictures before we left left our house.

I'm not sure where she got her love of cats. But she and daddy got this stuffed cat from the gift shop at the hospital when Gracie was born. She loves it and sleeps with it every night. 

On the 31st, she dressed up again and we walked to 2 or 3 of our neighbors houses. Mommy even put on some face paint, and Ella Claire was loving that!

I think that's it from October. November is already proving to be busy and filled with fun. Love this time of year! Happy Monday everyone, hope your week is off to a great start!

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