Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gracie month to month: month 7

Trying to take a good picture of a wiggly 7 month old is not easy. Especially when that wiggly 7 month old is in a chair and sitting next to a chalk board that just so happened to take you 30 precious minutes to get looking decent. :) But, my oh my are 7 month olds fun?? I know Gracie sure is.

This has been a big month for Gracie. She started out this month rolling all over the place then moved on to scooting backwards. Now she can get into a sitting position from laying down and do the army man crawl to get to any of her big sisters toys.  Her newest trick is rocking on all 4's and trying to lunge forward. ha! You know what all this new activity means, right? It means my precious, mommy loving girl is gaining a little independence and deciding it's perfectly okay to spend some time out of momma'a arms and on the floor. :) We still get plenty of snuggles in, though.

***a little photography trick I learned this and white makes an over exposed picture look not so over exposed. ;)***

Gracie made her daddy one proud Papa this month by saying "da da"! Now she's just a babbling all day long, calling her "ma ma" and her "da da" and saying something like "nah nah nah" and "bah bah bah". As you can imagine, we can't get enough.

Gracie was not very interested in looking at my camera....

Thanks to her big sister, Ella Claire, I got a few glances my way. And, even a few smiles, because Gracie thinks big sister is the funniest thing in town! (and sometimes she is!)

Whew, what a month! It's busy, busy at our house with a crawler and a toddler, but so much fun! I'd be telling a story if I said I wasn't absolutely pooped by the end of the day (actually, it hits me about 6:50 every morning since I'm still up 2-3 times a night), but I wouldn't trade these days for anything. I love being mom to our sweet girls and I'm so thankful for them!

Gracie at 6 months
Gracie at 5 months
Gracie at 4 months
Gracie at 3 months
Gracie at 2 months
Gracie at 1 month

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